Neighboring Country Chat

We have developed an unprecedented chat application in the world. With Neighboring Country Chat, we help you chat and meet people from your nearest country. Again, anonymously, foreigners from neighboring countries are waiting for you. You can meet people for free with neighboring country chat which is very easy to use. We even help you meet these people for a cheaper price.

How Does “Neighboring Country Chat” work?

Neighboring Country Chat is a chat system where you meet strangers in the countries closest to the country where you live.
Our chat service is very easy to use. You can meet the foreigners closest to you by following the chat instructions we have set below.


Sign in to
2. Log in to the Countries chat room
3. Select the Neighboring Country Chat room
4. Create an alias. Please! Consider ethical values ​​when creating aliases.
5. Select country
6. Our system will offer you the closest chat rooms.
7. You can chat with strangers by following the rules of chatting. Pleasant chats.

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